Lead Vox, Rythem Guitar, Studio Drums

this is a tricky thing for me to answer. i have never learned a cover songs on guitar,

or vocals, so i'm not nearly as influenced as i would be, say on drums, where i've

learned hundreds. i think we're all influenced by anything we listen to. to some extent,

all rock music is derivative. i know that's a rather windy sumation, but look at me


wow.......... again..... i like Marshal Tucker to Godsmack, and at some point they're all
my favorite.

way to commit huh ? are you ladies paying attention ?

finally something I can answer

ludwig kit
with primarily Zildjian cymbals (i don't care what they are if I think they sound
sonor kit
with primarily Zildjian cymbals

bear in mind all my drum gear has the expert tuning and critical adjustments of
the legendary Bob Wicks. If he's not tuning yer kit, you should ask yourself why.

Gibson SG
Fender Strat (American)
LaneyA5012 Series 2 amp i don't use any effects. with my limited live playing it's mot necessary
with my limited talent, it's uncalled for