B.o.x. were formed in the winter of 1998 by three inebriated people who had too much free time and no cable. After countless years of playing other peoples music, one of the allegedly related parties had an epiphany- "hey we've got all this gear, why can't we just make a record ourselves?". With the battle cry "whatever" still ringing in the air, the creative process ensued!

The music tracks were recorded to much self serving congratulations and pompous posturing. After the glow of their own greatness had receded, it was brought to their collective (if somewhat numb) consciousness, that the tracks might benefit from a vocal. Let it be recorded that someone, and we're still not sure who, is alleged to have exclaimed "oh yeah".

With this stunning declaration, a vocalist was deemed to be necessary. The three idiots exchanged stunned glances, each obviously eager to obtain the much heralded "front man" position, and began the mature ebb and flow of an intellectual discussion to determine who would be best suited for this honor. Profanity far too graphic to divulge here filled the air, and after only three hours, it was determined it would, in fact, be one of the three.

Astoundingly, many sound points were raised. While Steve was arguable the baldest, G was hands down the one man easily able to offend a large amount of people rapidly. Then there was still the question of young (sic) Richard. After his uncontrollable sobbing had subsided, his Solomon like wisdom was shared enmasse. "My hair, when washed properly is almost blonde, so I'm at least as good as David Lee Roth" he voiced through what sounded suspiciously like little girl tears.



Okay, okay,  the real story.

b.o.x. is an extraordinary up and coming original rock powerhouse formed in upstate New York in 1998. Their music is muscular Modern Rock in the genus of STP, Collective Soul, Fuel, and Cold. Their distinctive sound is a distillate of gritty organic vocals, potent guitar riffs and tasteful heart-felt soloing, propelled by brooding anguished lyrics and fortified by an imaginative and brawny rhythm section. 

b.o.x.'s first release was immediate chosen from hundreds of entries as finalist in Albany New York's 103.5/103.9 “Next Big Thing” contest.